Staying Home Blog 2020, Guitar

Activities March 16-22  March 23-30

First of all…I want to thank everyone for their willingness to try online lessons. I am truly lucky to have such great students/families!! I sincerely appreciate everyone being open to trying this online.

Keeping our kids busy during their school hiatus will be key! This may be a great time to implement better practice habits & routines for guitar, homework and other activities. My plan is to regularly post some sort of musical activity or video to keep music a part of your family through all this. For those of you who don’t know I have a 10 year old daughter so we are all in the same boat. In fact if anyone has found something great to keep your kids engaged in activities please feel free to share!!

If we encounter problems we will deal with them as we go, thanks for your patience in advance if we do experience any glitches! But so far it is working great!

Regarding our schedule: There are two weeks remaining in March before our planned spring break, March 30-April 4. I’d very much like to keep our lesson times as are!! Invoices for April should be sent this week(they are automated). If you have any questions please let me know, but, the plan is to continue through this entire situation online with the additional web activity posts. Myself, I am looking for the positives that can come out of this situation we find ourselves, both in business and our daily lives!

For you all, ‘Heres to health and sanity during this time’, We will get through it soon enough and back to our routines, smarter and stronger!!(and certainly with cleaner hands)


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