March 23-March 29

We will have lessons the week of March 30-April 3

Due to the stay at home order I am switching our off week to April 13-17




March 29, 2020

Cool, Swirled Guitar Paint Jobs

March 28, 2020

“Sometimes you’ll want to give up the guitar, you’ll hate the guitar. But if you stick with it you’ll be rewarded.” Jimi Hendrix

This above quote is great! All guitar players; legendary, weekend warriors and beginners will have plateaus. The difference is the experienced player knows if they keep at it they will break through and “be rewarded.” I tell students of all ages if you stick with it you will get better.  Problem for beginners is they haven’t reached “the rewards” yet. Easy to get frustrated when you haven’t yet seen the rewards. But I am telling you…just like Jimi above…if you stick with it you will be rewarded!

I personally have days where I feel like I’ve never played the guitar…but I KNOW the feeling of breaking through and anyone who keeps trying will break through!! DON’T GIVE UP!


The Guitar Tuna app has games in addition to tuning. How to; see, hear and build chords. The games are fun and are GREAT for building a strong musical ear!!

*My daughter used to play her own game on the app. She would sing the pitches of the strings into the tuner making the ‘winning’ sound when you tune your guitar. Another excellent way to develop your ear and general music sense!!

March 27, 2020

Today sharing a few of my favorite classical guitarists. Enjoy!

NOTE hand technique as you watch. Classical players tend to use efficient motions while playing.

Fred Benedetti

Fred was my college guitar teacher. Amazing player, teacher and great person. He is a fixture in San Diego. He was kind enough to lend his talents on a song from my last CD as well.

Ana Vidovic

Bill Kanengiser

Amazing solo version of Mozart’s Rondo Alla Turc

John Williams

One of my favorite classical players!

Andres Segovia

The most notable classical guitarist of all time…gives hope to those of us with less than ideal guitar fingers.

Los Romeros

The Romeros are know as the Royal Family of Guitar…now three generations have been part of the quartet. They live in Del Mar and are often performing in San Diego. Definitely try to catch a performance if you can.




March 26, 2020

Online classes have been going amazingly well! Thanks to all our families for sticking with lessons during these times. If you are in need of music lessons for others in your family let me know.  I have several colleagues who are also offering online lessons. Piano, drums, woodwinds, brass & more instruments!


Joke: What is the most musical bone? Trombone


My friends Channing & Ken of Crazy Science are available to teach school enrichments and for hire for your birthday parties and events. They also have some fun educational videos. Kids make sure your parents help you with these projects!

Screen Shot 2020-03-25 at 9.21.45 PM
Crazy Science- Fun Experiments to Learn How Our World Works

March 25, 2020

Here is the official video from my 20 Years Teaching in Poway Celebration, May 23, 2019
It was great to see so many familiar faces. Kids that Ive known since they were 6 who are now in college and all the parents who made it by as well! Here’s to another 20!!

Thank you everyone who was part of the first 20 Years in Poway!!

Video by Channing Work  Channing does an excellent job if you need any video work he’s your guy!!


Roger Miller-The Whistle Stop

When I was a little bitty Mike, maybe 5 years old I loved this song!! I’d play it over and over resetting the needle between every play. Roger Miller was a brilliant song writer known for nonsensical lyrics. Silly words, plays on words, whistling  and just plain old silly sounds. Really clever though. His most famous songs include: In the Summertime and King of the  Road, Hope someone enjoys this even a fraction that I did. Looking back I think this song is a part of what fueled my love of music at such a young age! Enjoy!!


March 24, 2020

Activity: Art project. Kids, make a “The Guitar Aces Logo”…paint or draw. You can incorporate guitars, cards(aces), music notes or use your imagination to design however you like!!! Feel free to use our previous logos below or create a logo in your own style! Parents if you send me pics I will post.


Video: Stevie Ray Vaughan-Mary Had a Little Lamb    Live Version w extended guitar solo

The kids always love this one! Especially the first clip. If you want to hear Stevie playing live check out the 2nd clip.

Stevie was said to have a guitar in his hands ALL the time, playing all day long. There are several urban legends about his use of superglue. As Ive heard it, he played so much that his callouses would basically fall off leaving very tender skin exposed. To enable himself to still play he would superglue the hard skin back onto his fingertips. Some would call that dedication and some that he was just crazy…maybe a little of both! Excellent player gone too soon as he passed away in 1990, age 35, in helicopter accident!

March 23, 2020

Joke: What kind of music are balloons afraid of? Pop Music


Im pretty sure none-of you will watch this video and not be shocked, amazed, laugh, cry…Just watch it for your own entertainment!!! If you want to guess who the conductor is DO NOT read about the video on YouTube until after you watch and make your best guess!! 😀 Please submit your answer below

Guess the composer, submit your answer below!
Guess the composer, submit your answer below!


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