March 16-22

March 22, 2020

Online lessons went really well this week! Two things that would be helpful

  1. Video set up -If possible set up camera so I can see both hands and eyes of the student.
  2. Tuning- If you can tune before we meet online it should save some time. I posted a video below with a tutorial. If you hit a frustration point shoot me a note! But its’ usually not too hard.
Click to watch the video about how to tune.
Tuning at home using an app

March 21, 2020

Activity #4

Have your kids put on a concert!! We’re all home for a while. Pick a day and plan for it. They obviously will need to practice their songs. Make it an actual sit down, whole family, time planned/date event! Offer perks either during this situation or once its over…They can pick the TV show the family watches, earn a new toy, or trip to Boomers(etc.) or they can pick their favorite restaurant once we get back to normal. Recitals are a great way to get kids to practice more.

You can make it a whole family recital and everyone picks the activity they want to perform.  Parents…might as well join in too!

If you get good videos  of the kids playing guitar and want to share I will post them here. You can then invite all the family and friends who aren’t in the household a chance to see the posted recital!!


March 20, 2020

Here are some cool videos for the kids! Enjoy!!


Seven Years Old Guitarist

Capriccio Arabe is one of the most famous pieces in the classical guitar repertoire!! She’s amazing.

The Muppets rocking out!

This is a favorite for the whole family!


Chino Valley USD Students Spread Hope During School Closures

Awesome how the kids pereseverrecorded their parts at home and put together the choir virtually!

March 19, 2020

Activity #3 If you created words from Activity 1 below. Write at least a sentence using a few of the words. You can mix your words with any words…stand by tomorrow for the next step! Send Mike your words and sentences!

Today is jazz day! Posting some of my favorites that I think others will like too. Parents might like these more than the kids but listen/watch together…talk about each song!

Joe Pass- When You Wish Upon A Star

I was lucky to see Joe play live before he passed away. Amazing player!!!

Wes Montgomery -Bumpin on Sunset

Probably my favorite jazz guitarist. Wes’ nickname is the Thumb because of the heavy use of his right thumb when he played.

Pat Metheny-Solar

Little more modern take on the jazz vibe.

Antonio Carlos Jobim & Elis Regina

Parents if you are stressed this is pure relaxing and an excellent performance they were having so much fun!

Vince Guaraldi-Linus & Lucy

Alright, todays jazz music might be more for the parents than the kids but everyone LOVES this one!



March 18, 2020

Today Im posting a few of my influences/favorite rock guitarists. I liked the virtuoso guys but also just some good ol rock players. (Squeamish parents might want to screen before showing to especially younger kids but all clips could easily be on TV)

Mike’s Musical Influences-Eddie Van Halen

He was always my favorite and huge influence. This is the sound that changed my life..and about a billion other teenagers from the 80s


Mike’s Musical Influences-Michael Schenker

Probably a close second to Eddie as my biggest influence…The Flying V trademark guitar!


Mike’s Rock Influences-Jimmy Page

Led Zeppelin!!


Mike’s Rock Influences-Steve Vai

Quick way to explain Steve…The Avant-Garde Joe Stariani…he tends to play a little more “weird” sounds but amazing player!


Mike’s Rock Influences-Joe Satriani

Joe really kicked of the instrumental guitar virtuoso genre and Ive always been a big fan!


Mike’s Rock Guitar Influences -Angus Young AC/DC

Im not sure why Angus wears that silly school uniform or how he has had so much energy performing all these years…but he was a huge early influence on my playing!


March 17, 2020

Happy St. Patrick’s Day throughout the day I will share different types of Irish music. Feel free to enjoy or try the activity below. Not tests so try as many as you like.

St Patrick’s Day Example #5


St Patrick’s Day Example #4

This one might not count as music…


St Patrick’s Day Example #3

This one is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Irish music…but it is!!


St Patrick’s Day Example #2


St Patricks Day Example #1


Activity #2: Kids listen to the examples throughout today and write down as many words or phrases that come to mind when listening. How does it sound, make you feel, is it silly? Serious? What instruments do you hear? Make sure you write the title of the piece with your thoughts.


Activity #1: The musical alphabet includes the letters A-B-C-D-E-F-G. The assignment is to create as many words as you can find by combining the letters above. (only use the musical letters above) Make your lists and have your parents send them to Mike. There will be further activities that will build on this one so start now. Example C-A-B

*Bonus…there is one word that has something to do with St Patricks Day but its a hard one. Extra credit if you get this word!!


March 16, 2020

Korean Guitar KidsVideo: Young Korean Guitar Ensemble


Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 9.58.52 PM

Video: Tina S. 14 Year Old Girl Plays Van Halen’s Eruption


Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest; heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul.” – Author Unknown.

It always has for me! Listening, studying, playing…keep music in your homes during this time and always! I will share different types of music so check back!!

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