The Guitar Aces, Happy to See Mr. Padre, Tony Gwynn be Honored in Poway

The Guitar Aces Poway Studio, Group And Private Lessons
Proud to see Mr Padre be recognized in our community. He was a huge influence on Founder Mike Slayen learning how to practice guitar and work hard as a teenager.

If you’ve been in The Guitar Aces Poway studio you’d know Tony Gwynn is a hero of mine!

When I was a teen I learned how to practice guitar by always hearing broadcasters discuss how hard Tony worked on his craft of hitting a baseball. I thought, “Why can’t I do that too?”

This is something we always try to pass along to the students at their guitar lessons each week. No matter what you do try your best and work at it!

Thanks once again Tony Gwynn for all your hard work and dedication to the city of San Diego and Padres fans!!!

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