The Guitar Aces, Poway Studio Happenings

Well all the students are back in school and schedules are shoring up. Between guitar and sports and art and karate and dance…you parents are master planners at giving your kids the best! We are truly proud and honored you’ve chosen us to be a part of that mix!!

For those of you who have been waiting to enroll with The Guitar Aces now is a great time. As I mentioned the schedule is mostly set which makes scheduling your child a bit easier. And if you have aspirations of your child playing a few tunes at Christmas/the holidays there is still plenty of time to get them ready…yes even the beginners!

Young Poway Guitarist earns iTunes Cards for Referring His Friends
Enjoy your rewards Levi and keep up the great work on guitar!!

We at the Guitar Aces would like to give a huge thank you to Levi. This young man has single handedly brought in two referral students to start lessons…and we appreciate it! He has truly earned those iTunes gift cards. He is beginning his love of music at a young age(reminds me of me a little), has been practicing a lot and playing GREAT. Kudos Levi, keep up the hard work!!! And THANK YOU for bringing in your friends too!!!

Have a great guitar weekend everyone. Play your guitars. Listen to some guitar. Watch some guitar videos…Enjoy!

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