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Proud to be a vendor/instructor for Qualcomm’s QLiving since 2005!

Beginner Guitar Class (we offer a Tuesday class for experienced players)

No current options on campus

$200, 10-hour classes

Next session: June 1-Aug 17, 2021, Online

***To register for this class: You need instructor’s approval.

***There are no refunds or rescheduling once the class starts. ***

Thanks for your interest in taking guitar classes at Qualcomm.

-The next beginner class will start on January 15, 2020 – cost $210

Includes 11 one hour sessions, the book and all learning materials.

(For convenience to reserve your roster spot there is a Paypal credit card option–here.)

There are no withdrawals/refunds once the class begins

-Class will meet in room AY660I

-To register or for any questions please contact Mike by email

He will notify you if there is still room in the class…however your spot is not reserved until tuition is received.

*You will need a guitar.

-Meets 10 Wednesdays (plus an 11th bonus class) from noon-1:00 PM on the dates listed on the calendar above:

More class info at bottom of page

Qualcomm Guitar Class

Mike Slayen – Instructor

“My goal is to offer a low pressure atmosphere for you to learn all the basics and enjoy playing guitar!

Here is some information to keep the class running smoothly.


We will cover…reading music, strumming basic chords, finger exercises and tablature. These skills will give you a broad knowledge to pursue your goals on the instrument.

Guitars… All students will need their own guitar. I recommend an acoustic although electrics can work if that is what you have (electrics are hard to hear in class unless you bring some type of amp) For beginners even though you haven’t played I suggest you check out at least a few guitars, hold them and see how they feel. Look and feel are important. Make sure your left hand can reach to the top of the neck (where the pegs are) and your right arm/shoulder do not feel uncomfortable or stretched out while sitting with your arm around the guitar.

Other things to think about…..steel strings have more of a rock/folk/brighter sound but tend to hurt fingers more at first. The necks are thinner which can make it easier to play after your fingers adjust. Nylon strings sound smoother/softer but are much easier on your fingers at first cause they hurt less than steel strings.

We do have beginner guitars for sale. Sunlite 1600, nylon spring/classical $120 w/bg style case. Smaller guitar are also available. Price subject to change.

Check your local music store….make sure you understand the return policy wherever you buy just in case there is a problem. For those of you who are bargain seekers you can try Craigslist etc. buyer beware though! I have heard good things about Qualcomm Classifieds.

-Class disruptions…. You are all adults….if you need to arrive late, leave early, take a call…just do it quietly and take calls outside the classroom

Additionally, out of respect for your fellow employees, do not disrupt/play guitar near those at work.

-Bring materials… Obviously for every lesson you are going to want to bring your guitar, book and any handouts we have. If you don’t have your guitar come to class anyway you can still learn and pick up any handouts.

-Missed materials….If you have to miss a class it would be great if you could exchange emails with someone in the class, to pick up materials for you and let you know what we covered in the class. You can email me if you miss and I will let you know what we covered but I might not be able to get materials to you until the following week. mikeslayen@aol.com

-Practicing……YOU GOTTA PRACTICE! If you want to learn how to play guitar you have to put in time on the instrument. It is like learning a sport-hitting a golf ball, shooting a basketball etc.

Don’t get frustrated if a certain skill is hard at first, keep working on it! It will come if you stick with it!


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